Breaking News | Khalistani Goons Violently Attacks Sikh Restaurant Owner In London | K-Terror In UK?

Updated Sep 30, 2023 | 09:22 PM IST

Breaking News | In a disturbing incident in London, K-goons unleashed a wave of violence by firing bullets and spraying red paint on the car of Sikh restaurant owner Harman Singh Kapoor. The brazen attack has left the local community shaken and outraged. Reports suggest that the attackers targeted Kapoor as a result of their frustration with what they perceive as the inaction of both UK and Canadian governments regarding hate crimes and extremist elements. This bold act has raised concerns about the safety and security of minority communities, particularly Sikhs, in the region. Authorities are now under immense pressure to take swift action against the perpetrators and address the growing concerns of marginalized communities affected by such incidents. Watch out the entire video to know more!#breakingnews #khalistanigoons #sikhs #london #uk #canada #india #harmansinghkapoor #redpaint #bullets #car #timesnow

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