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Pans used by notorious serial killer Dennis Nilsen in Monster Mansion up for sale


True-crime fans can now purchase the pots and pans used by one of the country’s most notorious serial killers.

The old cookware belonged to Dennis Nilsen, who brutally murdered at least 12 men and young boys in the 70s and 80s. A trained chef, Nilsen was known for putting his culinary skills to work while serving a life sentence at HMP Wakefield, and the mass murderer would even sell curries to other inmates.

Now, the pots and pans that he used in this enterprise have gone up for sale – with remnants of the dishes he cooked still stuck to the items. True-crime fans can pick up the unusual collectibles for £300, which are for sale on the Dark Crime Collectables website, the Mirror reports.

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Nilsen became known as the Muswell Hill Murderer, as he committed his later murders in the Muswell Hill disrict of North London. All of Nilsen’s killings took place in North London and he would typically lure his victims back to his home, before strangling or drowning them.

After being caught, Nilsen admitted to engaging in sexual acts with the bodies of some of his victims and was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 25 years, at HMP Wakefield – dubbed ‘Monster Mansion’.

The cookware that Nilsen used in prison is now for sale online.

Nilsen, who had even once been a police officer, would go on to detail his prison cooking enterprise in his autobiography, which is titled History of a Drowning Boy. In the autobiography, Nilsen said that he teamed up with a prison pal named Jimmy.

He wrote: “In constructing some measure of stability and economic viability into our partnership, Jimmy and I started a business making and selling curry. I would concentrate on the production and he would handle the ordering of supplies and the financial side.

“I was, after all, a trained chef and could produce saleable goods. We built up a regular clientele and were able to make £9 a week, on top of our workshop wages, to spend in the canteen. The authorities would, again, turn a blind eye so long as it didn’t pose any threat to the stability of the wing.”

The pans and a spatula that were used during these cooking activities are now for sale online. The website hosts an array of personal items that have links to some of the world’s most notorious killers.

The advert for Nilsen’s kitchen goods states: “These two large pans (with lids) and frying pan (which is in a plastic bag as it still contains the remnants of its last dish, cooked in the mid-1990s) and a wooden spatula were used by Dennis Nilsen at HMP Wakefield in early 1985.”

Nilsen achieved notoriety for his sick crimes when it came to light that he would lure gay and homeless men back to his flats in North London, before killing and dismembering them. He was eventually caught in Muswell Hill, London, after his six-year killing spree that cost the lives of at least 12 men and young boys.

Nilsen died of a pulmonary embolism in May 2018, aged 72.

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