The south London shops we’ve loved and lost

South London has had to say goodbye to several iconic shops over the years, and News Shopper readers still miss many of them.

From relocating to going “bust”, stores across south London have been stripped away from residents – and not a day goes by that we don’t think about them.

Now, we remember these legendary stores by reminiscing the memories. Strong contenders such as BHS, HMV, and Blockbusters were mentioned several times, but the store that has everyone’s heart, is the beloved Woolworths.

Woolworths, or Woolies for short, was arguably one of the best mass retailers of the 21’st century and our readers have seemed to agree.

It sold clothes, games, stationary, kitchen tools and was particularly known for its pick ‘n’ mix selection.

Louise Alock, Sue Anderton and Nicholas Vousden are among a few readers who “miss” the treasured Woolies.

There were a number of other big stores mentioned.

BHS, also known as British Home Stores, closed the last remaining stores in August 2016 – The Peckham BHS branch seemed to be a crowd favourite by readers.

Tina Claxton said: “I miss BHS and Woolworths”.

Other mega stores such as Toys R Us, Blockbusters and Allders made the cut, along with the recent departure of renowned department store, Debenhams. Kuba Przybylski said: “I miss the Toys R Us store in Sydenham”.

News Shopper: Toys R Us

Janet Wilson said the stores she misses most in south London are “BHS, Woolworths and Debenhams.”

South London stores such as Kennedys, Cuffs & Garrets and Martin Fords were also mentioned, with Keiley Scott labelling Kennedys as the “best ever shop in south London”.

Margaret Jenkins Higgins said she particularly missed the Martin Fords branch in Lewisham.

Way before we could watch our TV favourites on Netflix, Amazon Prime, NOW TV and the other hundred streaming sites, there was a video rental shop called Ritz Video Rental.

Alicia Ann said: “I miss the Ritz Video Rental in Bellingham.”

Ritz Video soon become the iconic shop Blockbuster, which too, sadly left our streets over eight years ago.

News Shopper: Blockbuster in North Finchley

Here are some of the other stores that will forever be missed by our readers:

Louise Millward said: “Sue and Dins on Westhorne avenue”.

Keeleigh Louise Tolhurst said: “Littlewoods Woolwich.”

Pete Ellis said: “Bettabuys”.

Carlie Buckley said: “Peppermint Bromley”.

Alison Okaey said: “Army and Navy”.

Lynn Walker said: “Jones and Higgins”.

Ali McGreavy Daley said: “Hides Broadway, pre 1979”.

Mark Phillips said: “Le Pel in Lewisham”.

Let’s take a moment to rememr the celebrated stores.

Gone, but never forgotten.

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