Better or worse off? There’s nothing in it | Autumn budget 2021

The Guardian’s budget calculator says I will be “£0.00 better off” after this week’s budget, whereas the Daily Telegraph reckons I will be “£0.00 worse off”. I think I prefer the Telegraph’s assessment as I prefer to be “no worse off” rather than “no better off”.
John Rathbone
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

South Lowestoft’s main high street now has a proliferation of weeds growing up its empty shop fronts. Obviously the green shoots of recovery for left-behind towns that the Tories promised in the budget.
Richard Ellerker
Warboys, Cambridgeshire

As my wife and I bought our boat shortly before the Brexit vote in 2016, after three general elections that have produced governments from bad to worse to shambolic, we’ve decided to blow our meagre savings on an exclamation mark.
Ian Grieve
Gordon Bennett!, Llangollen canal

Oscar Wilde’s name was on the honours board by the time I entered Portora Royal School in 1978, but I fear that MH Delap is mistaken in suggesting that it had not been restored to its position there by the 1950s (Letters, 22 October). In 1930 the school’s then headmaster wrote to the biographer AJA Symons that Wilde’s name was on the board.
CDC Armstrong

I’m still picking raspberries on 29 October in north London. (But no 35mm canisters left to put them in.)
Charles Harris

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