‘Bring in the Army to help get Ukrainian refugees safely into the UK quicker’ says Lib Dem leader Sir Ed Davey

The Home Office should mobilise troops to tackle the backlog in visa applications, the leader of the Liberal Democrats has told MyLondon. It comes after criticism of “chaos” as Ukrainian refugees scramble... Read more »

Ukrainian restaurant in Twickenham sending trucks full of donations every 2 hours as volunteers work 12 hours a day

A Ukrainian restaurant in South West London has become so inundated with donations that delivery trucks have started collecting supplies “three to four times a day”. Twickenham café and restaurant Prosperity started... Read more »

Ukrainian deli owners worry for their business after suffering abuse from people assuming their shop is Russian

The local community has come out in support of the owners of a North London deli and shop selling Russian goods after they received abuse following the start of the conflict in... Read more »

Ukrainian ambassador advises Russian embassy to ring NHS mental health line

Ukrainian ambassador advises Russia’s London embassy staff to ring NHS mental health number after they said invasion was intended to STOP war Watch the moment the UN ambassador held up a bizarre... Read more »

Russian chef joins forces with Ukrainian best friend to serve food across frontiers | Ukraine

Alissa Timoshkina was brought up on a “beautiful diet” of Ukrainian and Russian dishes. Growing up, she remembers her great-grandmother – a Ukrainian Holocaust survivor who emigrated to Siberia following the second... Read more »

Ukraine invasion: Protesters gather in London’s Trafalgar Square in show of solidarity with Ukrainian people | World News

Hundreds of people gathered in central London to protest against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Many of the protesters in Trafalgar Square have friends and relatives in Ukraine, some of whom have vowed... Read more »

South London Ukrainian restaurant inundated with refugee donations

A Ukrainian restaurant in south London has been inundated with donations for those affected by the conflict. The Prosperity, on York Street in Twickenham, is one of several dedicated donation centres which... Read more »

Ukrainian in London tells of hearing of her friends going to war

A Ukrainian woman living in London said her friends called from Ukraine and said goodbye before enlisting to fight Russia. Yana Usherenko-Fialkova, 31, was born and grew up in Kyiv but has... Read more »

British ‘Lads’ Army’ volunteers head to the Ukrainian embassy to sign up to fight Putin

British ‘Lads Army’ volunteers eager to fight against Vladimir Putin’s Russian forces are heading to the Ukrainian embassy in London to sign up – despite warnings from ministers and lawyers they could... Read more »

London Ukrainian Centre collecting donations to help those displaced by the war

Amid the ongoing Russian invasion and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, the London Ukrainian Centre is collecting items for those affected in the war torn country. Starting Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 7... Read more »