Thousands gather in Victoria Park for Holi

London’s Victoria Park was filled with colours Saturday afternoon as those attending Holi threw coloured water and powders into the air in a celebration of spring and unity.

Holi Festival of Colours organizer Vinod Varapravan explained that Holi is an ancient Hindu tradition.

“It celebrates the coming of spring, the blooming of colours in nature, and the unity and diversity in all of us,” he said.

This is the 12th year for the festival, hosted by the Srishti Foundation. Organizers were expecting more than 4,000 people to take part in the joyous celebration.

In addition to the ‘Riot of Colours,’ music and dance took over the main stage at Victoria Park.

The event featured high energy drummers (Dhol), Bollywood dances and other live performances, along with traditional Ganesh Puja (Ganesha idols offering prayers and distributing sweets).

Varapravan said everyone was welcomed to join in the celebration.

“You see everyone, their faces are all coloured. You couldn’t tell who they are even. The message is that beneath all these colours we are all one. It’s a coming of hope. Bring positive thoughts in, burning negative thoughts away,” he explained.

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