Instagram famous north London dog Pablo is star of new book

Pablo is a star on Instagram and TikTok, the face of a billboard campaign, and now the hero of his own book series.

His owner Bobby Breese has deliberately sought to make him famous, hoping to spark a new cultural trend.

Bobby believes dogs have an advantage over humans when it comes to celebrity.

Brent & Kilburn Times: Pablo has a growing following on social mediaPablo has a growing following on social media (Image: Bobby Breese)

He said: “The beauty of dog fame is there is no downside.

“Dogs are attention seekers, much like some wannabe reality TV stars.

“But the difference is that attention and fame doesn’t change a dog’s personality.

“All it means to them is more attention, treats and belly rubs from strangers, and human attention is exactly what dogs hanker after the most.”

Pablo is a borador, a mix of half border collie and half labrador.

Brent & Kilburn Times: Pablo has become well-known in pubs around Kensal RisePablo has become well-known in pubs around Kensal Rise (Image: Bobby Breese)

Mr Breese sees Pablo’s breed mix as both intelligent and greedy, yet insists that his best qualities are common to all dogs.

He added: “Pablo is special to us in the same way all dogs are special to their owners.

“The unconditional loyalty and love, the entertainment and clownery they provide, and the empathy and ability to sync their behaviour with their owners over time.”

Pablo, who lives in Kensal Rise, has always been a bit of a local celebrity.

He built up his social media following by visiting pubs, and was recently chosen as one of the stars of an advertising campaign by his dog food brand, Butternut Box.

Pablo is now the star of his own book series, The Adventures of Pablo, inspired by their escapades.

Brent & Kilburn Times: The pooch is now the star of his own adventure bookThe pooch is now the star of his own adventure book (Image: Bobby Breese)

Owner Bobby said: “The more famous Pablo gets, and the more social media followers he gets, the more the books will be worth over time.

“The more books that are sold, the more treats and adventures Pablo gets, and some of the money will be going to dog charities too.”

For now, Pablo seems content with his fame.

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