Signed posters of Bukayo Saka mysteriously appeared all over North London

If you’ve been near the Emirates lately, you know something strange has been brewing. Mysterious posters for a film called The Autograph have been popping up all over. Plus, whispers on social media of a massive Saka-related drop.

It all comes hot on the heels of Saka’s scorching performance throughout February, bagging him a nomination for Premier League Player of the Month. The Arsenal and England international has been absolutely lethal in front of goal during his side’s last four league games, hitting the back of the net six times — more than any other player that month.

So, it’s no wonder that when a treasure hunt was announced to bag one of seven bespoke signed posters for The Autograph, hundreds of supporters jumped at the chance.

But what is The Autograph all about? Well, the film has finally dropped and here’s the twist. The three-minute short film is actually a heartwarming tale about a kid whose precious Saka-signed shirt is accidentally put in the wash. The autograph is completely removed by the power of Persil’s new 3-in-1 capsules, so his parents go on a mission to try and get it signed again…

Is there a happy ending? Well, you’ll have to watch the film to find out but remember those lucky supporters who nabbed a signed poster? They get a brand-new Arsenal shirt signed by Saka himself… with the strict instruction to keep it away from Persil’s 3-in-1 capsules.

Tatiana Lindenberg, Vice-President of Marketing for Dirt is Good, said: Our guiding principle has always been that Dirt Is Good and that every stain tells a story. As we reach the 20th year anniversary of our Dirt Is Good campaign, The Autograph is a milestone moment for us as we begin to tell our stories through the lens of sport.’

‘We’ve always championed resilience, kindness and determination and partnering with Arsenal, one of the world’s biggest football clubs, and England icon, Bukayo Saka, we can celebrate the glory and the grime of a game well-played alongside first-time stain removal.

We’ve really got to hand it to Persil, we had no idea that laundry detergent could be so entertaining.

Click here to watch the full video

Featured Image Credit: Persil

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