Abdul Ezedi: Police resume hunt for chemical attack suspect after finding two ‘unexpected’ bodies | UK News

The search for the Clapham chemical attack suspect continues after police found two “unexpected” bodies in the River Thames while looking for him.

Marine police teams have been looking for Abdul Ezedi – accused of throwing a strong alkali on his ex-partner and injuring her daughters, aged three and eight – in an area around Chelsea Bridge.

He is believed to have “gone in the water” a few hours after the attack on 31 January.

Neither of the men found were identified as the suspect. One was found at 10.13am on Saturday near HMS Belfast and the other at 10.39am in Limehouse, the Metropolitan Police said.

Both deaths are being treated as “unexpected pending further enquiries” and the bodies are understood not to be found as a direct result of the operation.

The Met Police now believe Ezedi is dead after CCTV showed him leaning over railings at Chelsea Bridge on the night of the attack.

He was last seen on camera just before 11.30pm when as he crossed over the bridge and entered Battersea Park in central London, then crossed back over the same bridge minutes later.

CCTV image of Abdul Ezedi crossing over Chelsea Bridge and entering Battersea Park. Pic: PA/Met Police

The relationship between Ezedi and his ex-partner breaking down is being considered as a possible motive by the force.

On Friday, Commander Jon Savell admitted that Ezedi’s body may never be found due to the speed of the current in the Thames.

In a briefing at Scotland Yard on Friday, he said: “We have spent the last 24 hours meticulously following the CCTV, and it’s our main working hypothesis that he’s now gone into the water…

“At this time of year, the Thames is very fast flowing, very wide and full of lots of snags.

“It is quite likely that if he has gone in the water, he won’t appear for maybe up to a month and it’s not beyond possibility that he may never actually surface.”

When asked if police were willing to say that Ezedi was dead, Detective Superintendent Rick Sewart added: “I’m prepared to say that he’s gone into the water and if he’s gone into the water then that’s the most probable outcome.”

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Pic: PA/Met Police

Cdr Savell also said the woman attacked was in a “critical but stable condition” in hospital, and was still “very poorly and unable to speak” to police.

Officers raided two addresses linked to Ezedi in Newcastle early on Thursday morning.

The Met Police also said around 500 people across the country had called with information about Ezedi and his possible whereabouts since the attack.


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