I got a speeding fine in Manchester — my car was in London

Evan O’Gorman was baffled when a speeding ticket arrived in the post in November 2022. He had been recorded travelling at 49mph in a 30mph zone in Trafford, Manchester, at 9.42pm on October 26. But O’Gorman had never been to Manchester. On that date his car had been parked outside his parents’ house in north London, nearly 200 miles away.

The letter said his £100 fine would increase to £1,000 unless it was paid within 28 days, and warned that three points would be put on his licence. A photo was enclosed of a black Renault Clio just like his. “The car looked like mine but it wasn’t,” said O’Gorman, 27, who lives in Ascot. “Mine has been modified quite heavily — I’ve changed the


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