Grand Theatre production takes comedic look at death

The latest production at the Grand Theatre in London is taking a comedic and heart-warming look at a hot-button issue in our society — medically-assisted death.

The play, In Seven Days, takes a humorous look at an aging and ailing father named Sam and his annoyed daughter Rachel who is trying to prevent her dad from taking his own life.

“She essentially spends the entire play trying to convince him not to go through with it,” said Shaina Silver-Baird who plays the part of Rachel.

The father is played by Ron Lea. He said although death is a serious topic, the play puts a light spin on the subject.

“There’s definitely comedy in it. We always find a way because there’s got to be comedy in life.”

Based on a Jewish family living in London, Ont., the play is written by Jordan Mand whose parents live in the Forest City.

“As much as we’re dealing with the realities of what medically-assisted death means and then impact it can have on a family, we are also laughing and learning,” added Mand.

The production of In Seven Days is on now at the Grand Theatre until Mar. 2.

“I think people will leave feeling the love and maybe thinking about their strong connections in their life,” said Silver-Baird.

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