Five family members, including three kids, die in Hounslow house fire

Three of the five dead are children

In a statement from the scene of the blaze, Metropolitan Police chief superintendent Sean Wilson confirmed that of the five people who died, three were tragically children. The force had previously said that all of the dead were from the same family.

Chief superintendent Sean Wilson said: “At 10.30pm last night officers and colleagues from the London Fire Brigade and London Ambulance Service and ourselves were called to a fire in Hounslow … despite the life saving efforts of all those attending, I’m very sorry to inform you all that five people have lost their lives in this fire.

“Sadly, we believe that three of those who have died were children, and there is at least one other person, an adult, who remains unaccounted for. This is truly a terrible incident, the loss of so many lives that will cause unimaginable distress to the family, friends and communities of all those involved.”

Chief Superintendent Wilson

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