Search for escaped terror suspect is concentrated on streets in West London

150 specialist police officers are searching along the route in west London taken by the van carrying the escaped terror suspect Daniel Khalife, GB News understands.

Home and Security Editor Mark White said police are concentrating on the route along roads between Wandsworth Prison and where it was stopped by police yesterday on Upper Richmond Road.

Khalife is believed to have left the prison concealed underneath a delivery van at 7.32am, which was stopped at 8.37am.

Mark also revealed that one of the charges against the former soldier is related to spying for Iran.

He told GB News: “Now what it doesn’t say in this new information that’s come out from Scotland Yard is any indication as to what point the terror suspect managed to free himself from underneath that vehicle and run off.

“But what they are seeing are inquiries which currently involve 150 specialist officers. Those officers are concentrating their inquiries along this route, the route that the vehicle took right up to upper Richmond Road where the vehicle was stopped about an hour after it left Wandsworth Prison.

“Clearly an hour is a lot of time for anyone who might have got a vehicle to head to wherever they headed to.

“The operations, the searches, the door-to-door inquiries, the trawling of CCTV footage is all taking place as we speak and concentrating on the area on the streets of those streets that we highlighted.”

He added: “And what they’re seeing is as well as the route, they’re also concentrating on an area of Kingston, which is not that far away really, from this area that we’re talking about here, also in south-west London, because he has some family connections there.

“He has family links in Wales, and he clearly had links to the north-west of England where he was based, up in the Stafford area as well.

“So multiple possible locations and he might not be in any of those locations, if he’s got any sense and is being helped and advised, he’s probably not in those locations.

“But you know, often we find with criminals that they don’t have a lot of sense and they tend to follow familiar patterns and it makes it that bit easier for the police, for law enforcement officials to catch up with them.”

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