Gas leak near Byron Baseline and Wickerson Road

It was a tense afternoon for residents of a neighbourhood in Byron, where a loud hissing noise and the smell of natural gas have lasted for hours.

Workers were excavating at the corner of Byron Baseline Road and Wickerson Road when they ruptured a gas line just after 1:15pm.

As a precaution, firefighters evacuated several buildings and have been monitoring the air quality.

Enbridge Gas was called to shut off the gas and make the necessary repair.

Roads remain closed in each direction.

The London Fire Department estimates the repair will be completed between 5 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.

No one was injured.


London, Ont. fire officials attended the scene of a natural gas leak in the area of Byron Baseline Road and Wickerson on August 24, 2023. (Daryl Newcombe/CTV News London)

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