TfL Blackwall Tunnel to introduce toll fee for drivers

TfL has announced that the currently free Blackwall Tunnel will soon have a toll fee in the next couple of years.

The Blackwall Tunnell comprises two road tunnels that travel beneath the River Thames, linking Greenwich and Tower Hamlets.

Initially built as one passage in 1897, the second tunnel was built in 1967 to help control traffic in the area.

As it stands, the tunnel serves as one of the only passage points in the vicinity.

The Dartford Crossing and the Woolwich Ferry, positioned to the east, are the only alternatives in the area.

Why is there a toll being introduced?

A toll is being introduced because of the infrastructure of the Silvertown Tunnel, which will link Silvertown to the Greenwich Peninsula in east London.

Once the Silvertown Tunnel opens, drivers must pay a user charge for using either the Blackwall or the Silvertown Tunnel.

The exact charge levels for various types of vehicles using the new tunnel will be decided closer to the opening date.

This user charge will pay for building and maintaining the tunnel – but its main purpose is to help us manage traffic levels.

Any surplus revenue will be reinvested in London’s transport network, according to TfL.

Riverlink consortium will be paid once the tunnel is open and available for use.

TfL has said it will be able to reduce payments if the tunnel doesn’t meet certain standards, such as being available for traffic.

The Silvertown Tunnel is planned to open in 2025.

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