Former Keller Williams market centre boss discusses n…

After six years at Keller Williams, well-known industry figure, Chris Buckler is on the lookout for pastures new and exploring agency self-employed models.

Buckler ran KWUK’s London Bridge Market Centre since 2018 before its closure was announced in mysterious circumstances last month.

Self-employed models have stirred up quite a bit of interest in the UK and Buckler believes they are here to stay.

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He said: “The North American models brought some really good stuff over and I think they showcased that there is another way besides online and the high street.

“We’re going to have to work out what our value proposition is to not only attract agents but to keep them in the business once they’ve made the transition.

“That’s the key thing. It’s not just about recruiting them – it’s about hand-holding them.”

Chris discusses how to do that and much more with Angels Media chief executive Nat Daniels.

Press play in the interview below:.

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