Singapore nationals help to drive UK property market …

New research by Benham and Reeves, highlights that a supporting cast from Singapore is helping to drive UK market activity. The bonus of the BNO visa scheme has resulted in a high level of... Read more »

Major agency brand predicts ‘sluggish’ market ahe…

The housing market is set to turn “sluggish” rather than experiencing a major slump, new predictions claim. Agency and property consultancy brand JLL has issued its latest housing market forecasts, claiming the... Read more »

Autumn Statement: what’s next for London’s ‘nightmare’ property market?

T he political and economic chaos raging in the UK is boiling over into the London property scene as chains collapse, buyers put plans on hold and the capital’s housing market regresses... Read more »

Havering’s care home market hit by ‘tsunami’, says director

Inflation and the cost-of-living crisis have contributed to a “tsunami” hitting Havering’s care home market, the director of adult services has said.  However, at a meeting of Havering’s overview and scrutiny committee on October... Read more »

Podcast | Art boom as the UK busts: how the economic crisis is affecting the market

This week: Ben Luke talks to Anny Shaw, a contributing editor at The Art Newspaper, about the atmosphere at the Frieze London and Frieze Masters fairs amid the UK’s economic struggles and... Read more »

Ealing lowdown – how has its market changed since 1…

“A lot has changed in Ealing & Acton – not least the areas property prices. We look at what’s changed in the last 28 years: from the local area to property availability,”... Read more »

Prime London – top agency boosts market forecast for …

Knight Frank’s latest market report for Prime London locations suggests that stock levels remain low by historical standards, with the number of new properties coming to the market down by around a... Read more »

Healthy English rental market – Buy-to-let void perio…

The rental market looks to be returning to good health with a significant reduction in void periods and costs compared to last year, research from Total Landlord Insurance reveals. As you might... Read more »

Entrepreneur launches black farmers market in heart of Brixton – South London News

A Lambeth woman has taken matters into her own hands to increase exposure for black food growers and makers with an entrepreneurial flair in Brixton during Black History Month. Entrepreneur Natasha Pencil,... Read more »

Voids plummet – key sign of healthy rental market, ne…

Currently, the average void period across England is 16.8 days a year. With an average monthly rent of £940, equating to £31 per day, this means that void periods are currently costing... Read more »