Trump news today: Trump likened to American traitor Benedict Arnold as he posts bizarre 4th of July messages

CNN plays tape of Trump appearing to show off classified military documents

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Most presidents, current and former, typically spend America’s Independence Day celebrating the values of US society that bring its citizens together, joining in the festive and unifying themes of the national holiday. And then there’s Donald Trump.

The former president spent July 4 fuming at his enemies on Truth Social, resharing a vulgar message aimed at President Joe Biden and the tens of millions of Americans who voted for him in 2020.

““F**k Biden and f**k you for voting for him”, read the post.

Later, he continued his holiday rant by branding the president a “very dangerous idiot in the White House”.

He also posted a bizarre image of himself imposed into the Revolutionary War, prompting social media users to suggest he is more like Benedict Arnold – the infamous US traitor – than the Founding Fathers.

In other Trumpworld news, the company planning to merge with Truth Social has reached an $18m settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC) announced the tentative settlement on Monday, ending an SEC probe looking into whether it held talks with Truth Social’s parent company before going public – a violation of regulation.

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Trump’s own words come back to haunt him

Oliver O’Connell5 July 2023 17:30


What is Bidenomics?

President Joe Biden has long struggled to neatly summarize his sprawling economic vision.

It’s been hard for voters to digest the mix of roads-and-bridges spending, tax hikes on big companies, tax credits for parents, tax breaks for renewable energy, grants to build computer chip factories, insulin price caps and slogans like “Build Back Better.”

And that barely covers the full breadth of what the administration is doing and trying to do.

Last week, the president gave a speech on “Bidenomics” in hopes that the term will lodge in voters’ minds ahead of the 2024 elections. But what is Bidenomics?

Oliver O’Connell5 July 2023 16:45


New details of Trump Mar-a-Lago search warrant expected

Following a court petition from news organizations, a Florida judge has agreed that the Department of Justice should make public a less heavily redacted version of the search warrant affidavit that led to the discovery of multipleclassfifed and top secret documents at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home.

Oliver O’Connell5 July 2023 16:20


Don Jr’s Australia tour postponed due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’

Oliver O’Connell5 July 2023 16:00


Pence looks forward to debating Trump

Oliver O’Connell5 July 2023 15:15


Trump mocked for bizarre July 4 AI image

Former president Donald Trump has been mocked after he posted an AI-generated image of himself in place of George Washington during the Revolutionary War.

Eric Garcia has the story.

Oliver O’Connell5 July 2023 14:45


Mike Pence and Liz Truss among VIPs who speak at Iranian dissident rally despite pressure from Tehran

Thousands of Iranian dissidents crowded the streets of a Paris neighbourhood on Saturday while western opponents of the government in Tehran gathered for a politically star-studded event aimed at poking a finger in the eye of the Ayatollah’s supporters.

Despite warnings from French authorities and the US Embassy in Paris that alleged threats of a terror attack made a large outdoor event unwise, there were no incidents over the weekend as Iranian dissident activists mingled with prominent current and former officials from the US, UK and other European nations — and heard remarks from top former officials in the Trump administration, such as ex-Vice President Mike Pence and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

The Independent has more:

John Bowden5 July 2023 14:00


Biden’s upcoming European trip is meant to boost NATO against Russia as the war in Ukraine drags on

President Joe Biden will head to Europe at week’s end for a three-country trip intended to bolster the international coalition against Russian aggression as the war in Ukraine extends well into its second year.

The main focus of Biden’s five-day visit will be the annual NATO summit, held this year in Vilnius, Lithuania. Also planned are stops in Helsinki, Finland, to commemorate the Nordic country’s entrance into the 31-nation military alliance in April, and Britain, the White House announced Sunday.

Biden will begin his trip next Sunday in London, meeting with King Charles III. The president did not attend Charles’s coronation in May, sending first lady Jill Biden to represent the United States. In June, Biden hosted British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at the White House, where the two leaders pledged continued cooperation in defending Ukraine.

The NATO meeting comes at the latest critical point in the war. Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, says counteroffensive and defensive actions against Russian forces are underway as Ukrainian troops start to recapture territory in the southeastern part of the country, according to its military leaders.

Read more:

John Bowden5 July 2023 13:40


Trump brands Biden a ‘very dangerous idiot in the White House’

Donald Trump branded President Joe Biden a “very dangerous idiot in the White House” in a series of Truth Social rants on the July 4 holiday on Tuesday.

“When Biden said that Putin is “losing the war in Iraq,” twice, everybody knew, through confirmation, that we have a confirmed, and very dangerous, Idiot in the White House,” he posted.

“The USA cannot have this go on!”

The tirade was just one of a series of angry Truth Social posts from the former president on the Independence Day holiday.

In another post, he reshared a vulgar message reading: ““F**k Biden and f**k you for voting for him.”

Mr Trump also posted a bizarre image of himself imposed into the Revolutionary War, prompting social media users to suggest the former president is more like Benedict Arnold – the infamous US traitor – than the Founding Fathers.

Rachel Sharp5 July 2023 13:10


Trump’s own words about an indicted president come back to haunt him

Of course, Mr Trump did not imagine his comments about indicted presidents would apply to him – he made them when speaking in 2016 about his then-rival Hillary Clinton.

“We could very well have a sitting president under felony indictment and ultimately a criminal trial,” he told a rally in November 2016. “It would grind government to a halt.”

At another rally, Mr Trump mentioned the email server probe that dogged much of Ms Clinton’s presidential campaign, also suggesting that a potential indictment would wreak havoc in the White House.

Read more:

John Bowden5 July 2023 12:40

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