Reckitt and Essity Launch Professional Hygiene Solutions

Reckitt and Essity Launch Bespoke Co-Branded Professional Hygiene Solutions

Reckitt and Essity, two leaders in the global hygiene and health sector, have announced the launch of a range of co-branded disinfection products for professional hygiene customers combining the power of their Dettol, Sagrotan and Tork brands across four countries in Europe.

London, 14 November 2022 – This collaboration combines the scale and experience of Essity’s trusted leading professional hygiene brand Tork with the well-known consumer recognition of the Dettol and Sagrotan brands from Reckitt, the leading disinfectant manufacturer in the world. The products will give professional hygiene customers added value from two widely trusted and efficacious brands. The new range will be available as of January 2023 across the UK, Ireland, Germany and Austria.

Essity and Reckitt are launching a co-branded range of products:

  • Antibacterial Multipurpose Cleaner Spray
  • Antimicrobial Foam Soap and a Hand Sanitizer Gel for use in Tork dispensers

In the aftermath of Covid-19, hygiene expectations from the public have shifted dramatically as people return to day-to-day public life with a heightened awareness about the spread of bacteria and viruses. This collaboration provides customers with an expanded assortment of products that are critical in breaking the chain of infection. Research shows that 88% of people expect businesses to implement higher standards of disinfection to keep premises hygienically clean, however, up to 70% of businesses need guidance on how to best deliver these expectations of the public.

Both companies have a strong commitment to sustainability. The packaging of the product range is designed to minimize waste. The Antibacterial Multipurpose Cleaner spray comes in a fully recyclable* bottle and trigger and is manufactured with zero waste to landfill. The soap and sanitizer products have recyclable* and collapsible bottles.

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