Safest and most dangerous boroughs for young drivers revealed – South London News

Analysis from a car insurer has found one South London borough is among the safest places to drive in the UK for young drivers, while another is listed among the most dangerous.

Data taken from 75,000 black boxes – typically fitted into new drivers’ cars – that trigger warnings when unsafe driving or speeding is detected, has been analysed by insurance broker Adrian Flux.

The boxes are fitted by insurers which sit in the driver’s car to monitor their performance in the hope of improving safety and saving them money.

Mr Flux found that Lambeth is the fourth safest place in the UK for young drivers, while Southwark is the eighth most dangerous.

According to the analysis, Southwark is one of the areas with the speediest teenagers on the road, as an average of 73.3 per cent of users there received a serious warning.

It’s a much better picture in Lambeth, with youngsters there being rated amongst the most careful drivers in the UK and only 20 per cent of users triggering a warning with reckless driving.

There are also considerable concerns about how quickly youngsters are travelling in other parts of the capital with areas like Ealing and Tower Hamlets also being named and shamed in the top 10.

“This gamification style approach has helped sensible drivers save up to 60 per cent for year-long safe driving upon renewal,” said Scott Goodliffe at Adrian Flux.

“Unfortunately, some users are less attentive or cautious and their behaviour is a cause for concern because it leaves them more likely to make a claim or hurt themselves or others.

Pictured top: Stock image of a young driver (Picture: Adrian Flux)

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