South London town Croydon named beauty capital of Britain

Millie Kendall, the chief executive of the British Beauty Council, which commissioned the research as part of its campaign, A Beauty Industry That Looks Like You, told The Times: “It doesn’t surprise me that somewhere like Croydon comes out top. The beauty industry is uniquely inclusive and all pervasive across the UK.

“In fact, it often is more visible in areas of high unemployment and deprivation because it provides a service that enhances people’s lives and boosts their self-esteem. A lot of people might think beauty is a luxury but it is not.

“What places like Croydon show is that it is essential to everyone, no matter their background or social standing.”

James Brown, the celebrity hairstylist who is from Croydon, said: “To me Croydon sums up the opportunities offered by the beauty industry.

“What other job can a boy from an estate in Croydon [do and] end up travelling the world cutting the hair of Hollywood stars?

“I am really, really proud that I started in Croydon. There were so many salons there when I started; I worked in four of them. It gets a bad rap but I think it is amazing.”

Brown said that its proximity to central London means it can follow trends, but said it was “slightly cooler” and “more down to earth”.

He added: “Croydon gave me a great start and I always find it inspirational. It is near enough to London to keep up with the latest trends but has its own scene, which is slightly cooler, more down to earth.”

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