Newcomer IMVN Celebrates Release Of Debut EP ‘FAZE’ With Short Film

To celebrate the release of her debut EP, north-west London newcomer IMVN has treated us to a new short film.

Titled FAZE, this EP houses four tracks and hears IMVN use her down-tempo R&B sound to explore troubled relationships.

The project has also been accompanied by a dark set of visuals which bring the EP’s themes to life; following IMVN as she reflects, takes control and makes changes, before walking away from her past pain to begin a new chapter.

“FAZE has been 5 years in the making,” IMVN said. “In a world oversaturated by content, I rely on ‘feeling’ above all else. This project has taught me so much of what it means to be open; to feel, and I wish for others to reflect on their journeys and open up the same way.”

After you’ve seen the short film above, take in FAZE in full below.

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