London news: Hundreds queue for £207 Omega X Swatch selling for £3000 on eBay | UK | News

The watch is based on Omega’s famous Moonwatch, which sells for well over £5,000. But this one is far more accessible, selling for just £207.

Some have already attempted to use their newly-brought discounted watches to turn a handsome profit, selling the item for thousands more pounds online.

One “buy-it-now” listing on eBay, added today, puts the watch at £3,206 – plus £12.85 postage!

Another customer put their watch on eBay for “auction”.

By 4.45, just three bidders had put the price up to just shy of £1,370 (with just £12 postage on this occasion).

At Carnaby Street, there are reports of some attempted queue jumping outside the Swatch shop.

Photos from PA show some customers even queued overnight to ensure they got their hands on one of the much sought-after watches.

But at one stage today, on Saturday, shop assistants were forced to put a sign up in the shop window telling customers “store is closed” due to the chaos that had broken out.

Similar scenes have been reported elsewhere across the world, including in Paris and New York, where the watch was also on sale.

The stores are now closed.

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This was worn not by Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, who is understood to have left his Speedmaster inside the lunar module, the electric time of which had malfunctioned.

It was instead first worn on the moon by Buzz Aldrin.

He later said of his decision to wear the watch while walking on the moon: “It was optional to wear while we were walking on the surface of the moon… few things are less necessary when walking around on the moon than knowing what time it is in Houston, Texas.

“Nonetheless, being a watch guy, I decided to strap the Speedmaster onto my right wrist around the outside of my bulky spacesuit.”

The new “Mission to the Moon” Swatch has already sold out on the official Swatch website.

Its caseback features the words: “Dream big – fly high – explore the universe – reach for the planets.”

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