Buy To Let returns far better than ISAs, research sho…

New research shows that despite tax and regulatory changes restricting buy to let returns, this remains a far healthier investment than buying into ISAs.

London lettings agency Benham and Reeves has analysed data over the last 10 years looking at the average annual return when investing in a stocks and shares ISA, Cash ISAs and the Buy To Let sector, as well as what this return would look like based on an example investment of £20,000. 

The research – which does not take into account inflation – shows that investing in a stocks and shares ISA has returned an average annual rate of growth at 2.3 per cent. As a result, a £20,000 investment 10 years ago would have yielded a return of £25,156 in addition to your original £20,000, although this climbs to £47,381 had you invested £20,000 on an annual basis. 

A Cash ISA has been less productive – the average annual rate of growth sits at a negative 4.1 per cent – cumulatively this would be a significant loss of over £6,800 after 10 years.

Benham and Reeves then analysed the average annual net yield on a Buy To Let investment and the research shows that, at an average annual return of 4.3 per cent, it’s been by far the better option when compared to the two ISA options.

Those to have invested just £20,000 into bricks and mortar a decade ago would have seen this investment climb by £10,470 today. An ongoing annual investment of £20,000 per annum would see this return climb to £73,959. 

Director of Benham and Reeves, Marc von Grundherr, comments: “The story of the ISA millionaire is one that is heavily publicised and many have looked to these products as a way to build wealth. 

“There’s no denying that some have been successful in doing so, however, those with an eye on the long term simply won’t see a substantial return based on their historic performance over the last 10 years.”

Buy To Let returns far better than ISAs, research shows

Buy To Let returns far better than ISAs, research shows

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