Brexit LIVE: Coveney arrives in London for urgent talks after Ireland makes drastic change | Politics | News

Boris Johnson has been ordered to terminate the Brexit deal with the EU amid issues surrounding Northern Ireland.

As the EU refuses to remove the role of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) from the Northern Ireland protocol, readers warned Mr Johnson it’s now time to stand up to Brussels.

One reader named Avrio said: “We, the people voted leave, not half in/half out. “May/Robbins signed us up to all these problems and it ended up with Boris/Frost trying to dig us out of it.

“Show some bottle Boris and go to WTO. The European Banks are already panicking about access to The City.

“Wasn’t The City moving to the EU? The more we try to negotiate with these clowns, the more vindictive they get. We voted out, let’s get out.”

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