The Met is today coordinating a significant policing operation ahead of potential disorder during demonstrations throughout locations in central London

A number of officers will be on duty across the day and will work closely with protest groups to ensure gatherings are safe and disorder is minimised.

This policing plan has been developed following a continual review and thorough assessment of intelligence which suggests some groups are intent on causing disorder or targeting police officers with violence.

As a precaution, officers will be equipped with specialist public order uniforms and a number of protective barriers have been set up outside a number of locations in London.

Different units across the Met will also support today’s policing plan, including our public order teams, mounted branch, police dogs and the National Police Air Service.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Jane Connors, said: “Residents and visitors to central London today can expect to see a higher number of police officers on duty throughout the course of the day. Officers are there to keep people safe and to respond quickly to any potential disorder of violence.

“Groups of course have the right to protest, but I am particularly concerned that some groups are specifically intending to travel into London to deliberately cause violence and disorder including targeting police officers.

“This will not be tolerated and our policing plan has been developed with this potential risk in mind. Our patrols will be highly visible and we will be working closely throughout the operation with the City of London Police and the British Transport Police.”

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