London Underground: Hunt for rightful owner of ‘£5,000 diamond engagement ring’ found on the Tube

A West London man is frantically looking for the owner of an engagement ring he found at Vauxhall Underground station

James Flude, was coming home from a post-cricket pub trip on Saturday August 14 when he made the discovery on the Victoria Line northbound platform.

The 28-year-old Shepherd’s Bush resident told MyLondon: “I’ve tried to find things I’ve lost on tubes and trains and it’s a nightmare.

“Handing it in I would never be able to find out if it’d been claimed. There’s nothing worse than losing something of great value, whether it’s financial or emotional.

“So it’d be great to reunite them with the ring.”

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He described the moment he found it, saying: “I was at a pub in Vauxhall but managed to drop my headphones on the way out. I got as far as Victoria before realising what happened.

“I went back to the pub and luckily they’d been handed in.”

He then made his way to Vauxhall for the second time when he found the ring at around 10.30pm.

James continued: “I saw it glistening on the floor on the Victoria line platform. I thought it was so weird as I had just lost something.

“It was quite well covered. I just saw the glisten of the diamond on the floor. But it could have been down there for a while.”

After leaving his name with the station staff he set out to reunite the ring with the owner.

He said: “It looks really good quality. It’s definitely an engagement ring. I just want to get it back to the owner.

“I’ve asked a few mates who have been shopping for rings themselves and they’re confident it’s real. They estimated it’s around £5,000.

“The value for me is getting it back to someone who thinks they may have lost it.”

James is asking the owner to get in touch via his Twitter page with proof it’s their ring.

Otherwise you can email [email protected]

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