Actress, 30, died after her blood clot symptoms were dismissed as ‘anxiety’ by associate doctor

Actress, 30, died after her blood clot symptoms were dismissed as ‘anxiety’ by associate doctor

Parents of actress, 30, who died after her blood clot symptoms were dismissed as ‘anxiety’ say spread of ‘associate doctors’ will lead to more tragedies Emily Chesterton, 30, was seen by a... Read more »
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‘Mystery’ dog illness where symptoms include pets ‘going off food and back legs give way’

Dog owners have been left worried by reports of a mystery canine illness spreading like ‘wildfire’ across the UK – an illness which much-loved London dog ‘Cabbage’ showed symptoms of moments before... Read more »
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COVID-19: Margaret Ferrier to stand trial accused of visiting salon, leisure centre and church while having coronavirus symptoms | UK News

An MP will stand trial accused of travelling between Glasgow and London despite knowing that she had COVID symptoms. Margaret Ferrier is accused of wilfully exposing people “to the risk of infection,... Read more »
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Omicron not producing the ‘classic three’ Covid symptoms, latest data suggests

The Omicron variant is not producing the ‘classic three’ symptoms associated with previous Covid strains, the latest data suggests. The ZOE Covid Symptom study has been monitoring the impact of the ascendant... Read more »
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Covid expert reveals 5 common cold symptoms that are more likely to be Omicron

Symptoms of the Omicron variant are identical to the signs of a common cold, meaning Brits may fail to recognise an infection, according to Covid ZOE app co-founder Professor Tim Spector Experts... Read more »
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Mum given 12 months to live ‘after doctors said cancer symptoms were in her head’

A mum who was initially told her cancer symptoms were ‘in her head’ before being misdiagnosed with TB has now been given 12 months to live, her husband said. Ghazala Qureshi, from... Read more »
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The ‘worst cold ever’ is sweeping the UK – here are the symptoms to look out for

“I’ve been full of cold for the last few days. First one in over two years and its a doozy!” “Two weeks now and it’s not funny at all. First cold I’ve... Read more »
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London bar’s weekend crowd urged to watch for COVID-19 symptoms

Article content Public health officials are asking anyone who was at the Paranyde Bar & Grill last Friday and Saturday nights to monitor themselves for symptoms of COVID-19. Article content The Middlesex-London... Read more »
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Cancer symptoms: The signs of cancer that ‘often’ appear on the nails

Cancer survival rates are receding, according to recent studies, and much of this has been blamed on lockdown. The national lockdowns prevented a large number of cancer cases from being diagnosed in... Read more »