London council spends £19,000 ‘housing four cats in luxury pet hotel’

A n east London council allegedly spent nearly £20,000 housing four cats in luxury accommodation after their owner became ill. Under the Care Act, local authorities have a duty to care for... Read more »

Inside the luxury Turkish hideout where a London terrorist was caught in a raid

The Turkish security forces who raided the £700,000 villa must have considered the swimming pool. Like all the homes in the Sealybria complex, it wrapped around the house like a moat. Residents... Read more »

Planning to buy a luxury new build? Watch out for the…

However, with such a purchase naturally comes legal considerations. In particular, leasehold issues can throw up some significant and time-consuming challenges further down the line, which are certainly not part of the... Read more »

PICTURED: Adele’s luxury £9MILLION three-bed London bolthole flat,

PICTURED: Adele’s luxury £9MILLION three-bed London bolthole flat, with 24-hour concierge, its own ‘energy centre’, climate-controlled wine store, swimming pool and sauna, and staff from gym where David Beckham works out Adele,... Read more »

Newham Labour officials quit in outrage at ‘luxury flats and gentrification’ while ‘housing waiting list grows’

Senior Labour officials in Newham have dramatically quit the party in anger at the council’s push for “gentrification” with “luxury flats springing up at unaffordable prices”. One of the outraged officials says... Read more »

Man denies fleecing investors of £2.8m to fund luxury lifestyle

A man accused of fleecing investors out of £2.8 million to fund his luxurious lifestyle, which included a £180,000 Lamborghini Aventador, has appeared in court. Prosecutors say large sums of money invested... Read more »

Inside luxury flats in London department store where Only Fools and Horses was once filmed

A distinctive 1930s London department store where Only Fools and Horses was once filmed has reopened as a luxury block of flats. The former family-owned Randalls department store in Uxbridge, West London,... Read more »

Police hunt nine men after ‘violent’ brawl breaks out at luxury hotel

P olice have released CCTV images of a group of men after a “violent” fight broke out in a five star central London hotel. The hotel charges more than £500 a night... Read more »

Family ‘in tears’ after luxury Cornwall holiday resort swapped for one 250 miles away in Uxbridge

A family was left in “tears” after their dream holiday at a five-star Cornwall resort fell through and were offered alternative accommodation 250 miles away in Uxbridge. Ian Tomlinson and his family... Read more »

East London gang ‘stole 25 luxury cars from owners’ driveways using key fob scam’

An East London gang used high tech gadgets to steal 25 luxury cars which were then sold with cloned plates or dismantled for parts, a court heard. The group of six men... Read more »