Rapist jailed after ‘cold case’ evidence provides key clues after west London attacks

A man has been jailed for rape after offering to cook for them at his west London home before assaulting them.

Simon Charles, 46, was brought to justice after two victims’ testimonies matched providing key evidence which led officers to his door in Shepherd’s Bush.

A woman had reported a rape in 2021 but decided not to follow through with the allegation at the time.

However, the initial report she made provided vital evidence when a second woman went to police saying she had been raped.

Their stories of how the attacker invited them to his flat offering to cook and then assaulting them matched, leading investigators to his door in Tamarisk Square.

He was jailed for 15 years at Isleworth Crown Court on Friday for rape, attempted rape, two counts of sexual assault by penetration and voyeurism

Detective Constable Stephanie Clarke, who led the investigation, said: “I am pleased with the sentence handed to Charles, which is testimony to the hard work of investigating officers and the bravery of these woman who have shown immense courage in supporting our investigation.

“We know victims are often reluctant to report these type of offences to police for various reasons.

“In this case, had it not been for the first victim making her report in 2021 we may have never reached this conviction today.

“I sincerely hope this case proves just how important it can be to come forward to police. We have specially trained officers and will do all we can to achieve a conviction regardless of the time that has passed.”

A woman contacted police in May 2021 alleging that a man known to her had attempted to rape her, the court had heard.

Specialist safeguarding officers contacted the woman while investigating officers carried out a number of initial enquiries including obtaining an early evidence kit in the case.

However, the victim later decided she did not wish to take the case forward and it was discontinued.

A second report was received in November, 2022 alleging that Charles had given cocaine and cannabis to a second victim before raping her at his home address in Tamarisk Square, Shepherd’s Bush.

An investigation was launched and when officers conducted intelligence checks as part of their enquiries, they found a record of the original rape investigation which uncovered similarities between both victim accounts.

The first complainant agreed to give testimony which helped convict Charles.


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