Horses loose in London latest: Blood on road and smashed vehicles after horses tear through city

We’ve started to put together a picture of how today’s events played out.

The Army told the BBC a group of horses and riders from the Household Cavalry were on an extended exercise ahead of a Major General’s Inspection – which was due to take place tomorrow in Hyde Park.

Every military unit taking part in the King’s birthday parade must pass a Major General’s Inspection in advance.

The group included six soldiers and seven horses.

During the exercise, the horses were spooked by noise from nearby building works. Four soldiers were thrown from their saddles, and five horses ran loose through London.

Some of the horses collided with traffic and at least two of them appear to have been injured.

Paramedics attended incidents in three locations across London, and four people were taken to hospital, the ambulance service says.

All five horses were then recovered and returned to a military base. They’re now being assessed by a vet.

We’ll keep you updated with anything else we learn.

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