Bed bugs found in west London library – as pest controllers say spread is ‘out of control’ | UK News

A library in west London has temporarily closed after its staff found bed bugs.

Ealing Central Library shut on Monday afternoon when the pests were spotted in furnishings.

It is expected to reopen on Thursday after the infestation is treated by pest controllers.

A council spokesperson said: “The technical advice was that it was safe for both the public and staff to re-open the library – both in terms of controlling and preventing the spread of the infestation and in relation to the chemicals used to treat furniture.

“However, the council recognised that library users and staff had concerns and decided that temporarily closing the library was the right course of action.”

The spokesperson added that the library would reopen after a “full course of treatment has been applied”.

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Inside house infested with bed bugs

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Inside house infested with bed bugs

Pest controllers in London have reported being “inundated” with calls about bed bugs and said the spread of the blood-sucking insects is “out of control”.

The owner of one pest control company said the bugs have been found in offices, cars and homes and there was a “bed bug epidemic in west London”.

Transport for London previously said it was continuing to “closely monitor” its network and “take all possible precautionary measures”.

It comes after outbreaks of widespread bed bug infestations in Paris at the end of September.

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