Young Reporter-The Hidden park of North-West London-Elijah PillemerJFS


When you first enter the park from its multitude of entrances, it looks like just a normal park. There is a children’s playground, a café, and many people relaxing around enjoying nature. This is just a small part of what this park really is. As you wander around, you see old, ancient buildings. A secret garden with a pond full of beautiful fish and walks into the forests that surround it. Together these features, combined with the bustling London streets outside, create a unique experience like no other.  Rosalyn I, a local resident, confirmed this as they told me that they ‘enjoy the tranquillity, peacefulness and beauty of the walled garden’. 


Canons park was previously a country estate in the early 18th century, where a few of the old standing buildings originate from. After it was destroyed, the estate was converted into residential and commercial areas and also led to the creation of North London Collegiate school, which is right next to the park. 


The nature of the park is also special. With multiple nature walks and lakes, the park is a vibrant centre for nature, with each season being completely different. One example, which I visit every few weeks, is the park’s duck pond. Even in London, a giant city, with rural countryside very far away, you still see tens of ducks, pigeons, and many other species of birds. The ponds also do have a few types of fish, although they do not come to the surface that often. 


Overall, I believe Canons Park to be a place in North-West London that is a break from the city atmosphere. You can fly kites, birdwatch or just relax and embrace nature. I encourage people who live nearby to visit the park and explore it.

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