Unlicensed HMOs produce £200k windfall for London co…

Haringey council has got a £200,000 windfall from landlords of unlicensed HMOs.

And now it’s set to get even more.

Councillors are to launch a consultation to introduce a new scheme to identify at-risk properties as well as undertaking inspections. 

The new scheme will extend an existing additional HMO Licensing scheme coming to an end in May 2024.

With around 40 per cent of residents living in the Private Rented Sector across the borough, the council admits HMOs are a much-needed and affordable option for accommodation.

A spokesperson for the authority says: “The council is committed to ensuring that Haringey residents have access to a safe, sustainable, and affordable home.  

“The new additional HMO scheme will provide a clear regulatory framework to support the many good landlords in Haringey, while giving the council powers to act against rogue landlords.   

“Nearly half of Haringey’s population are living in a private rented home, and we estimate that a quarter of these homes are in poor condition. 

“This additional scheme will give us the tools we need to improve the condition of homes in the private rented sector. I’d like to encourage as many people as possible to take part.”  

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