2023 British Weight Lifting Inclusion Academies announced

British Weight Lifting (BWL) is pleased to announce ten additional weightlifting clubs that have been accredited with Inclusion Academy status for 2023-24.

The ten clubs that have passed the rigorous accreditation process are as follows:

  • Blackheath Weightlifting
  • Brunel Weightlifting & Stars for the Future (Joint West London)
  • Southampton Weightlifting Club
  • Hampshire Barbell
  • Kingdom Barbell
  • Phoenix Weightlifting
  • Psych Weightlifting
  • Resilience Weightlifting
  • Weights & Cakes
  • Yorkshire Strength

These clubs will join the current Inclusion Academies that have continued their status from last year:

  • Atlas Weightlifting
  • Lakeside Weightlifting
  • Mettle (Previously Hallam Barbell)
  • North Tyneside Barbell
  • Oxford Powersports
  • Pride Performance Weightlifting
  • Wildboar Weightlifting


Inclusion Academies are clubs who are engaging with youth weightlifting recruitment and have a sustainable club foundation.  

To become accredited each club is expected to demonstrate and then maintain specific standards of practice in each of the 4 key areas below: 

  1. Governance 
  2. Facilities, Co-Branding  
  3. People Recruitment  
  4. People Development 

British Weight Lifting recommends Inclusion Academies as fantastic places to learn the sport of weightlifting due to their high standards of governance, appropriate policies and procedures, and qualified licenced coaches and staff.


The clubs will receive the following annually:

  • Funding & administrative support from BWL to deliver Raise the Bar
  • Coaching course & CPD funding
  • Weightlifting kit
  • BWL community of practice seminar & education program
  • BWL club recognition as an Inclusion Academy
  • Opportunity to progress to pathway and performance academies


Atlas Weightlifting

Instagram: @atlasworkoutwarehouse

Website: https://atlasweightliftingclub.com/


Blackheath Weightlifting

Instagram: @blackheathweightliftingclub

Website: https://www.blackheath-weightlifting.com/


Brunel Weightlifting & Stars for the Future (Joint West London)

Instagram: @brunelwl

Website: https://www.brunelweightlifting.com/our-club


Southampton Weightlifting Club

Instagram: @crossfitsouthampton

Website: http://www.crossfitsouthampton.com/


Hampshire Barbell

Instagram: @hampshirebarbellclub

Website: https://www.hampshirebarbellclub.co.uk/


Kingdom Barbell

Instagram: @kingdombarbell

Website: https://kingdombarbell.com/


Lakeside Weightlifting

Instagram: @lakesideweightlifting

Website: https://www.lakesideweightlifting.com/


Mettle (Previously Hallam Barbell)

Instagram: @mettle_community

Website: https://www.mettle.zone/


North Tyneside Barbell

Instagram: @northtynesidebarbells

Website: https://northtynesidebarbells.co.uk/


Oxford Powersports

Instagram: @oxpwlc1964

Website: http://oxfordpowersports.co.uk/


Phoenix Weightlifting

Instagram: @phoenixweightliftingglos

Website: https://phoenixweightlifting.co.uk/


Pride Performance Weightlifting

Instagram: @prideperformanceweightlifting

Website: https://www.pride-performance.co.uk/


Psych Weightlifting

Instagram: @psych_weightliftingclub

Website: https://psychweightlifting.co.uk/


Resilience Weightlifting

Instagram: @resilience_weightlifting

Website: https://resilienceweightlifting.com/


Weights & Cakes

Instagram: @weightscakescic

Website: https://weightsandcakes.com/


Wildboar Weightlifting

Instagram: @wildboarweightliftinglydney

Website: https://wildboarweightlifting.com/


Yorkshire Strength

Instagram: @yorkshire.strength

Website: https://www.yorkshirestrength.com/


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