Cases heard at Romford and Barkingside courts week of May 29

The following cases were heard in Romford and Barkingside Magistrates’ Courts in the week starting May 29. 

They include drunk drivers and a man caught with a ‘credit card knife’.

Jay Ricky Lee Aldridge 

Jay Ricky Lee Aldridge, 39, of Baynes Crescent in Dagenham, pleaded guilty that between June 2017 and June 2018 in Dagenham he failed to notify the local authority that he had commenced paid employment, which he knew would affect his Housing Benefit and Employment Support Allowance entitlement. 

He was given a community order including a requirement to carry out 100 hours of unpaid work. He was also ordered to pay a £114 victim surcharge. 

John Paul Brennan 

John Paul Brennan, 51, of Roneo Corner in Hornchurch, pleaded guilty that on February 14 he assaulted a man by beating him. 

He was given a community order, a £120 fine and ordered to pay a £114 victim surcharge. 

Lloyd Abayomi Joye 

Lloyd Abayomi Joye, 57, of Crescent Road in Dagenham, pleaded guilty that on May 6 at Ivyhouse Road in Dagenham he drove while over the legal driving limit – namely 96mgs of alcohol in 100mls of breath. 

He was given a 12 weeks sentence suspended for 18 months because he had a previous record of drink driving. Disqualified from driving for 36 months. 

Edward Emanuel Wiseman 

Edward Emanuel Wiseman, 24, of Dewsbury Road in Harold Hill, pleaded guilty that on May 5 in Romford he had in public a lock knife. 

He was given a four month prison sentence suspended for two years as the crime was committed while still on licence. 

Nicolai Moroga 

Nicolai Moroga, 35, of Brooke Road in Newbury Park, pleaded guilty that on May 14 in Romford he drove while over the legal limit – namely 77mgs of alcohol per 100mls of breath. 

He was given a £1,000 fine and 10 points on his driving record. 

John James Lewis 

John James Lewis, 38, of Farringdon Avenue in Romford, pleaded guilty that on May 11 in Jennings Bet in Romford he used threatening, abusive or insulting words of behaviour against two people, with intent to cause them to believe that immediate unlawful violence would be used against them.  

He was given a six week prison sentence. 

James Kiely 

James Kiely, 19, of Perth Road in Barking, pleaded guilty that on April 29, 2022, at ATIK Nightclub in Romford he was in possession of a credit card knife (a knife disguised as a credit card). 

He was given a three month prison sentence suspended for a year. 

Zaigham Raza 

Zaigham Raza, 24, of Meath Road in Ilford, pleaded guilty that on the A13 westbound, Beckton Alps E16, he drove at 100 miles per hour in a 50mph zone. 

He was fined £600 and disqualified from driving for 56 days.

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