BREAKING NEWS: British Airways launch Avios only flights – book now!

British Airways launch Avios only flights

British Airways has launched its first Avios-Only flights, on which 100% of the seats are exclusively available to Executive Club Members as Reward Seats. This is not something new as Qantas has done this before, but I am surprised to see BA do it. The routes are slightly odd choices, but I am guessing it is aimed at the ski and winter sun market. 

I think this is a good way to give back to their Executive Club members who often struggle to use their Avios. It is also good that one of the flights covers the busy half-term period. However, I would also like BA to invest in their customer service both in terms of replies to complaints which are talking a long time and in the very variable on-board service. I’d also like them to invest in the Heathrow experience, which is frequently marred by delays, chaotic boarding and waiting for gates or someone to operate them on a regular basis. 

The first Avios-Only flight will be the inaugural flight from London Gatwick to Sharm El Sheikh on 3 November 2023, followed by a selection of flights from London Heathrow to Geneva in February and March 2024. More routes will be announced throughout 2023

Return flights to Sharm El Sheikh will be from £1 + 27,500 Avios per person, but you could reduce this further with a Companion Voucher. Club Europe (business class) fares start from £1 + 48,500 Avios. The Egyptian holiday destination recently became the latest addition to the network of British Airways’ London Gatwick-based subsidiary, BA Euroflyer. Generally I would not recommend using the £1 + Avios option as they are not as good value for money as using the old “standard” rates. 

Following this, the next Avios-Only flights will be the BA728 from London Heathrow to Geneva on the dates below. Flights will be from £1 + 18,500 Avios per person, with options from £1 + 30,000 Avios in Club Europe. The respective BA729 return flights will operate as Avios-Only flights a week later. With most English half terms starting on 12 February, this could be a great option to have a week skiing (or visiting Geneva) on Avios.

The dates of the Geneva flights are:

  • 10 February 2024
  • 17 February 2024
  • 24 February 2024
  • 02 March 2024

British Airways guarantees a minimum of 12 and 14 Reward Seats on short and long-haul flights, respectively, and this will be the first flight with every seat available to purchase using Avios. Members booking the Avios-Only flight can do so in any cabin as they normally would through, with a selection of return options available as Reward Seats.

Ian Romanis said: “We are always looking for new ways to reward our loyal customers and offer value wherever we can, which is why we are excited about this brand-new option for Members. Sharm El Sheikh and Geneva will be the first of several flights as we roll more out in 2024.”

The new Sharm El Sheikh route will be operated by BA Euroflyer three times per week throughout the winter season, with a fourth service on Saturdays until 15 December 2023.

Flights can be booked from today at


Avios-Only flight costs

London Gatwick To Sharm El Sheikh (Off-Peak)

Euro Traveller (economy) return:

  • £1 + 27,500 Avios
  • £9 + 26,000 Avios
  • £25 + 23,500 Avios
  • £35 + 18,500 Avios
  • £91 + 12,500 Avios
  • £121 + 8,500 Avios

Club Europe (business class) return:

  • £1 + 48,500 Avios
  • £9 + 47,000 Avios
  • £35 + 38,500 Avios
  • £50 _35,500 Avios
  • £95 + 26,500 Avios
  • £141 + 19,500 Avios

London Heathrow To Geneva (Off-Peak)

Euro Traveller (economy) return:

  • £1 + 18,500 Avios
  • £9 + 17,000 Avios
  • £18 + 14,500 Avios
  • £35 + 9,500 Avios
  • £65 + 7,400 Avios
  • £85 + 5,900 Avios

Club Europe (business class) return:

  • £1 + 30,000 Avios
  • £9 + 28,500 Avios
  • £25 + 23,500 Avios
  • £50 + 17,000 Avios
  • £85 + 13,000 Avios
  • £125 + 10,500 Avios

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