Only days after four boys tragically died after falling through some ice, the London Fire Brigade tweeted a warning not to walk on frozen lakes

Finlay Butler, eight, and his younger brother Samuel, six, were killed, as were their cousins Thomas Stewart, 11, and Jack Johnson, ten.

They were rescued from the water at Babbs Mill Park in Solihull on Sunday.

Emergency services agencies across the country have warned their social media followers about the dangers of walking on ice.

However, some people are still not getting the message.

A concerned social media user tweeted a photo of families, including young children, walking on a frozen pond on Wimbledon Common on December 17th at 11:52 a.m.

‘Horrified to see a huge number of people on the frozen pond on Wimbledon Common, including very young children,’ read the caption.

The tweet was retweeted by the London Fire Brigade, who made the following request:

‘Unfortunately, there are more examples of people walking on frozen ponds in #London.

‘Please do not do this in the strongest possible terms!’ ‘Please assist us in spreading this message.’

In response to the image-containing tweet, one Twitter user tweeted:

‘Oh no!!!! Don’t they read/watch/hear the news to know that four children have already died in this manner this week? Are their memories too short to recall what happened a few days later? Or do they simply have large life insurance policies on their family members and are urging them on?’

‘Today in Richmond Park, parents were photographing their children on a thawing frozen pond with holes in it.

‘I couldn’t stand it any longer, so I yelled at him to get off. ‘The pond isn’t deep,’ said the mother. I responded that the ambulance would be unable to reach them.’

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