First families from London move into St Michael’s Gate after Peterborough residents evicted with less than two months notice

St Michael’s Gate in Parnwell has begun to provide emergency housing once again but this time to families outside of Peterborough.

The city council has confirmed that it has received notification of two households being placed at St Michael’s Gate- both from Barnet Council in North London.

St Michael’s Gate.

Now, the agents have made the estate available to councils across the country to house their homeless and Barnet Council has become the first authority to take advantage of this.

At Wednesday’s full council meeting (December 7), Councillor Marco Cereste confirmed that councils are obligated to inform Peterborough City Council when they placed a family at St Michael’s Gate and the first council has done so.

Cllr Cereste said: “The accommodation at St Michael’s Gate is managed by Stef and Phillips, although we understand it is being offered by them to other councils for homeless households on a nightly basis. Councils are required to notify us if they place an applicant in accommodation within our city and we are currently aware of one household that has been placed at St Michael’s Gate by another council.

“Any councils who place households in St Michael’s Gate will be responsible for covering the costs of funding their stay, however, council tax support- if required- would have to be funded by PCC, and households placed in St Michael’s Gate can access local services and will be financially responsible for maintaining their accommodation.”

Cllr Cereste was unable to confirm if and when more families are likely to arrive but did state that it would be reasonable to assume that more would be arriving at the estate.

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