Tooting Market: Diverse yet Local – Simona Valeva, Graveney School

Established in 1930, Tooting Market is South London’s original indoor Market which aims to represent a broad range of cultures, such as Jamaican, Italian, Japanese, Mauritian, Lebanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Guyanese and many others.

Tooting Market, whilst popular for its diverse food vendors, also offers a range of eclectic and unique retail stores, such as a specialist record store, an art gallery, fabric vendors, tailors and a worldwide artefact specialist, alongside hair, beauty and nail salons. As stated on their website, for Tooting locals and South London residents, ‘Tooting Market represents the Heartbeat of the local community’.

As local as it is, we shouldn’t ignore the national attention that Tooting Market has received with its various awards, including Best Small Indoor Market at the Great British Market Awards 2017 and Best Independent Retailer at the Wandsworth Business Awards 2017 as well as being named as one of Lonely Planet’s ‘Top 10 Coolest Places to visit in the World’, alongside featuring on the BBC and ITV News.
And despite the multiple awards it has earned, Tooting Market has never lost its authentic feel and has never forgotten its original goal; to serve and represent the diverse community of South London.

Another way in which Tooting Market gathers the whole community is through screenings of major sporting events, regularly held on the big screen in the main area of the market. With the ongoing World Cup, why not pop down to Tooting Market to not only enjoy some great football but also try some truly great food!

As a Tooting local, who passes through Tooting Market almost every day, you can’t help but feel the community spirit from all of the vendors (as well as smell the tasty food!)

With the festive season rapidly approaching, Tooting Market has also set up a Christmas Pop-Up with a diverse variety of new shops selling the perfect Christmas gifts! Crystals, candles, jewellery, beauty products and many more. I definitely recommend visiting the market during this time as you can catch up on the Christmas shopping, but also support many small businesses around Tooting and South London.

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