London flat with ‘hidden bath’ drives the internet wild

What does £1,279 per month get you? In some parts of England, this amount of dosh might secure a grand old castle, or at least a four bedroom townhouse with a garden and a parking space. In London, apparently all this will get you is a tiny ‘studio flat’ with a ‘compact kitchen’ and a bath that’s literally in the cupboard. 

In the latest of the horrors of London renting, a viral TikTok, made by @adamzinho.1, has the internet up in arms: a 163 sq ft studio apartment, which is smaller than the size of a standard football goal, is being rented in west London for an astonishing £1,279 per month. In the video, Adam mocks the rental listing which describes a ‘bright ground floor studio flat presented in great condition throughout, boasting a compact kitchen, hidden away bath and shower and in an excellent location close to Victoria’.

We’re not quite sure what they have to boast about. While the outside of the house, with four storeys and huge sash windows, looks pretty swish, inside is rather a different story. Although this might be Marie Kondo’s dream, Adam describes the flat as ‘f*cking basic at best’. With not enough room to swing a cat, the ‘compact kitchen’ is in fact a mini-fridge, hob a microwave crammed into a cupboard that’s had its door ripped off. And don’t even get us started on the bath-cum-wardrobe situation. 

It’s safe to say people are not happy. ‘How is this legal?!’, one commenter said, while another pointed out a vital element was missing, asking ‘where do you go to the toilet?!’.

One user claimed: ‘I work at Foxtons and can confirm this property has been rented at the asking price 😭😭😭.’

We’re actually lost for words over the barbaric layout of this flat. It’s got everything but the kitchen sink, literally. 

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