Leo Sands named London hub breaking news reporter and editor

Announcement from Foreign Editor Douglas Jehl, Deputy Foreign Editor Jennifer Amur, Interim Deputy Foreign Editor Susan Levin and London Hub Editor Sara Sorcher:

We are very happy to announce that Leo Sands will join The Post as a breaking news reporter and editor at our hub in London.

Leo will be part of a rapidly expanding team that covers the most urgent and interesting stories that break anywhere in the world during the European day. The London hub is part of an around-the-clock relay in which responsibilities are handed off from Seoul to London to Washington to deliver timely, quality coverage to our global audience 24 hours a day.

These breaking news hubs have become integral to The Post’s newsroom since their launch a year ago. Leo joins us as part of an expansion under which the London and Seoul operations will grow by 40 percent this year, to 14 full-time staffers in each location. Leo will work primarily as a reporter but will occasionally shift into an editing role.

Leo is a senior journalist on the world desk of the BBC News website, based in London, where he commissions, edits and writes breaking news and quick-turn explanatory stories. He also devises plans for global-news coverage, uses audience data to curate the BBC’s multiple global-facing homepages and takes charge of non-U.K. stories published on the BBC site during overnight hours.

Before pivoting to the BBC’s digital arm, Leo was part of its television team. He worked as a producer on multiple news shows, including “Beyond 100 Days,” a prime-time evening broadcast that was anchored by Katty Kay that covered U.S. and U.K. news. Leo’s work included multiple stints in Washington, including a three-month assignment during the U.S. election campaign in 2020. Leo also reported and produced “Jobfished,” a 45-minute BBC News television investigative documentary exposing a fake London company that successfully duped 52 people around the world into working remotely during lockdown.

Leo is a graduate of Trinity College, Cambridge, with a BA in history and an MPhil in American history. He speaks French. He will start on Oct. 10.


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