Tesco shoppers fume after Tropicana orange juice carton spotted for £4.80 in North London store

A carton of Tropicana orange juice is being sold in a North London Tesco for a staggering £4.80. The 1.7L product was spotted on a Tesco shelf over the weekend by a shopper who then posted it onto Twitter. Journalist John Sturgis, wrote on Twitter: “Regular branded orange juice now almost a fiver. It’s like living in Scandinavia but without the long evenings.”

He attached a picture of the product displayed on a shelf with other fruit juices. The label reads: “Tropicana Smooth Orange Jce With No Jcy Bits 1.7L” and says it costs 28.3p per 100ml. The alarming price of the carton did not go unnoticed by other people online.

Below John’s tweet, one person wrote: “What do you pay for freshly squeezed these days? #ShudderToThink.” While another person wrote: “Eat an Orange instead, it’s better for you.” Tesco’s online website shows it is cheaper online for the same amount of juice and type of juice by 40p.

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Tropicana Smooth Orange Juice With No Juicy Bits costs £4.40 online and costs £4.80 in the North London Tesco store. The exact same product costs £2.85 online at Sainsbury’s and £2.50 online at Ocado – though it is currently on offer as it usually costs £4.40. Waitrose sells it instore for £2.50.

The £4.80 Tropicana at Tesco is the latest food and drink product raising a few eyebrows among shoppers due to its price. Last week, a shopper spotted a 750g tub of Lurpak on sale for £7.25. The shop, which remains a mystery, was blasted online for its eyewatering price as “absolutely unacceptable”.

Tesco has been contacted by MyLondon for comment.

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