Two-bedroom London home on the market for just £200,000 but is definitely not a bargain

The two-bedroom property in Catford, South London, is in need of urgent repair and refurbishment but could be up for grabs for £200,000

The flat has just hit the market with a starting price of £200,000


Savvy house-hunters may think they are in for a bargain when they spot this two-bedroom London property, but they are in for a shock.

The flat based in south-east London, has a courtyard garden, double-glazing and permit parking, but bargain buyers will be amazed when they see in the inside.

The home is less than appealing on the inside and only has 29 years left on lease.

The £200,000 flat on Morena Street in Catford, is in need of urgent work and repair.

In one bedroom, pictures show a half-packed suitcase which appears to be lying open on a bed, while a dress has been hung from a curtain pole.

The second bedroom is filled with junk, including chairs, a clothes horse and a bucket.

The hobs are filthy with dirty pots still on the stove


The bathroom is covered in grime


The hob in the kitchen is coated with grime and filth, with a kettle and dirty pans stacked on top. A rubbish bag still hangs from a hook, The Sun reports.

The bathroom is also grim, with stains on the floor around the toilet and sink.

Bags of rubbish have been fly-tipped in the garden.

Auctioneers at Town and Country Property say the home will be sold off on April 28.

The bedroom is dark with clothes all over the bed


They said: “The accommodation comprises of an entrance hall, lounge, kitchen, two bedrooms and family bathroom with a rear courtyard.

“It requires full refurbishment throughout.”

For those prepared to put in the work and pay to increase the length of the lease, the flat could one day make a sweet home.

It’s moments from Catford shopping centre, as well as restaurants, bars and supermarkets.

The courtyard garden is full of rubbish


It’s also a short walk to two big train stations, as well as two pretty parks.

This comes after a three-bedroom home is up for auction for just £80,000.

But images showing the home’s state of disrepair attracted attention for all the wrong reasons.

The home in Llandudno, Wales, which is currently expected to sell for just £80,000, is in need of some major TLC, North Wales Live reports.

Each room is incredibly run-down, with piles of rubbish strewn all over the place.

One room shows a pack of Stella Artois on the bedside cabinet which, if you’re lucky, could end up coming with the auctioned property.

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