Met Office forecasts sunshine this weekend in south London

As we approach the first day of Spring, temperatures are set to rise across London with blue skies and sunshine.

The Met Office has predicted a whopping 11 hours of warm weather approaching this Saturday – we’ve missed you, Mr Blue Sky.

People across south London can enjoy long spells of sunshine this weekend, with highs of 15 degrees Celsius.

Saturday will start as it means to go on, with the sun shining from 7am until 6pm, with chances of slight winds throughout the day.

Sunday is predicted to be somewhat cooler, with cloudy intervals and a slight chance of rain showers – Nevertheless, the sun is still forecast to make some appearances throughout the day.

Hour-by-hour forecast for Saturday:

7am – Sunny day

8am – Sunny day

9am – Sunny day

10am – Sunny day

11am – Sunny day

12pm – Sunny day

1pm – Sunny day

2pm – Sunny day

3pm – Sunny day

4pm – Sunny day

5pm – Sunny day

6pm – Sunny day

7pm – Clear night

8pm – Clear night

9pm – Clear night

10pm – Clear night

Hour-by-hour forecast for Sunday:

6am – Clear night

9am – Sunny intervals

12pm – Cloudy

3pm – Sunny

6pm – Sunny intervals

9pm – Clear night

Forecast in full:

Saturday (March 19):

A dry night with inland cloud breaking and some long clear spells developing. Winds becoming mainly light across northern parts of the region. Strong winds near coasts. Minimum temperature 3 °C.

Sunday – Tuesday:

Rather cloudier on Sunday and Monday and feeling cooler. Risk of some showery rain at times, mainly on Sunday. Winds easing to mainly light. Tuesday fine with some sunshine.

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