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Elderly couple robbed in East London home invasion



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Detectives in East London are looking for four armed men who robbed an elderly couple in their home in Baysville on Wednesday morning.

Spokesperson Captain Mluleki Mbi says the wife woke up when she heard her dogs barking but saw nothing when she went to investigate.

He said when the dogs continued barking she checked again and was accosted by four armed men who ordered her back to her bedroom.

Captain Mbi says the men tied up her husband and ordered her to open their safe from where they stole three rifles, a pistol and jewellery.

He says they also demanded a bank card and PIN and left behind two accomplices while they withdrew cash from an ATM.

Captain Mbi says when the suspect’s got their cash, they returned to the house and drove away in the couple’s vehicle that was later found abandoned near Frere Hospital.

No shots were fired and nobody was injured during the robbery.