Katie Price latest news – Star & Carl Woods spotted at London fertility clinic just days after shock OnlyFans news

Katie revealed her desire to become recluse

Elsewhere in episode one, Katie revealed her desire to become recluse and live a quiet family life in the home.

Taking stock of the achievements that led to her being able to afford the £2million Sussex home in 2014, Katie said: “It’s so nice, I just look at this garden and think ‘I got this’. I love it. And then I turn around here and look at the house, I know it’s a mess, but it’s like ‘I got this’. It wasn’t given to me. I worked for all of this.

“And the best thing about it now is that I’m going to work my absolute butt off to get it gorgeous again.

“Nobody thought I’d ever move back here. Nobody ever. And it’s nice for me because I’m growing as a person again with the house, like a new start. I’ve done a reset button myself, so now let’s do the reset button on the house.

“I just don’t think I’ll ever leave here. I think I’ll become a recluse because I won’t need to leave here. And I love that. No one can bother me, no one can take picture of me, no one can do anything.

“I’m happy in my home, and in your home you should be happy. I don’t hate the house now. I love he house. I never thought I’d say that. I actually love my house.”


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