Evil parents who tried to blame baby’s 60 broken bones on paramedics are jailed

Amina was only eight-weeks-old when she died with over 60 broken bones in her body after suffering a sustained period of abuse

Baby Amina, who died with over 60 broken bones

A couple have been jailed after their eight-week-old baby died with more than 60 broken bones in her body.

Bejamin O’Shea, 26, of Southwark, south-east London, was sentenced to eight-and-a-half-years for causing or allowing Amina-Faye to suffer serious physical harm while Naomi Johnson, 24, of Battersea, south west London, was jailed for seven years for this offence.

During their police interviews, Johnson and O’Shea claimed paramedics caused the fractures suffered by their daughter Amina-Faye – but they were found guilty by a jury of causing or allowing her to suffer serious physical harm.

Amina-Faye had 41 fractures to her ribs and 24 fractures to her limbs when she died in April 2019.

Judge Nigel Peters QC, sentencing at Inner London Crown Court, said that “sadly” this is “yet another harrowing case of parents abusing or being cruel to their child”, adding that “there is no doubt that this is a case of the highest seriousness in terms of cruelty to children in terms of the injuries”.

Naomi Johnson


Met Police WS)

Benjamin O’Shea


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Medics could not establish a cause of death of “this poor child” and it is not possible to lay blame on which parent caused the fatal injuries and who stood back and allowed it to happen, the court heard.

The judge added that “it is remarkable in this case” that there were no signs of any fractures but the medical experts had found that the injuries were non-accidental and force needed to be applied.

Both of them were also each given two months, to be served consecutively, after being found guilty of cruelty to a person under-16 in relation to a separate child.

Radiologists found the multiple fractures were highly indicative that Amina had suffered continued physical abuse.

They were sentenced at Inner London Crown Court.

Johnson and O’Shea called 999 on the morning of April 26, 2019, after Amina stopped breathing.

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Paramedics arrived within minutes and tried to save the eight-week-old’s life but she sadly died at the scene.

The Met Police said that there were no visible signs of injury at the time and her death was originally thought to be a sudden unexplained death.

But later x-rays showed the injuries she had suffered, but no cause of death was established.

On September 11, 2019 O’Shea and Johnson were re-arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm.

As part of the police investigation detectives trawled through the text messages exchanged between the pair.

Detectives found a call to NHS 111 from April 1, 2019 from Johnson where she reported Amina had been coughing blood.

When the doctor phoned back and advised O’Shea to take Amina to hospital, O’Shea failed to tell Johnson and the child was not taken to the hospital.

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