The London tourist attraction that will add over £1.2million to your property value if you live near it

Most Londoners aspire to have a room with a view.

If the place happens to have a desirable destination or two right on the doorstep, all the better.

Nevertheless, it might astound Londoners to learn the amount some people are willing to pay to live near one London landmark.

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Research has revealed that living near the Natural History Museum adds an eye-watering £1.2million to the value of your property.

The museum, which is one of three major museums on Exhibition Road in South Kensington, exhibits a vast range of specimens.

But visitors are often equally as impressed by the building itself, which was designed in the 1860s and has gone on to become one of London’s most iconic tourist attractions.

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As visitors to the museum will know, its vast labyrinth of elaborate Romanesque architecture features halls big enough to house dinosaur and whale skeletons.

Since the museum looks incredible from the outside as well as offering free entry to all visitors, it’s no wonder people are clamouring to live nearby.

In fact, the research by GetAgent found the Natural History museum added more to the value of surrounding properties than any other landmark in the UK, by more than double.

GetAgent investigated the average price of houses near the UK’s top 50 attractions, and compared its findings to the average price of properties in each city to find how much value the attractions added.

The research found that the streets surrounding the Natural History Museum have a whopping average property price of £3,468,908.

But when you look at the wider area, including Kensington and South Kensington, the house prices average at £2,228,279 – a difference of £1,210,320.

The figures clearly show you could charge a premium if selling a property on the doorstep of one of England’s largest museums.

Similarly, they showed that living near the Royal Botanical gardens could also increase your house price – by £474.375.

However, the research found living near other landmarks could actually devalue your property.

Properties directly near St Paul’s Cathedral were found to be worth£345,856 lesson average than other properties in the same area.

And properties near Windsor Castle were worth £191,189 less.

Perhaps because the neighbour’s house is simply too good to compete with…

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