Someone Spent Rs 38 Lakh in Salt Bae’s London Restaurant and Internet is Salty About it

Last month, social media sensation and Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe, also known as Salt Bae, had opened his 15th new restaurant branch in Park Tower Hotel in Knightsbridge, London. Following its opening, people took to social media to share bills with insane prices of simple items like fries and salad. Recently, a bill from the restaurant has surfaced on the Internet that seems to have crossed all limits of expensive dining. With 22 items listed on the bill, including steaks, baklavas, and wines, the bill amounted to a stunning £37,023.10 (Rs 38 lakh). The total amount included a service charge of £5000 as well.

While there have been several speculations earlier about the restaurant’s expensive gold steaks, the diners seemed to have spent the most amount of their bill on wines. While they ordered only one gold-covered Tomahawk, they ordered a bottle of 1996 Petrus, a famous merlot from Pomerol in Bordeaux, and two bottles of Petrus vintage, priced at £9100 and £9950 respectively. They also went on to order two bottles of 2006 Dom Pérignon Rosé, priced at £810 per bottle.

While the Reddit thread where the bill was shared was removed, users were quick to slam the hefty prices. While one user had commented, “Why do people keep posting receipts from a shi**y restaurant? Is it some sort of anti-flex to say “I’m rich but also very very stupid and don’t have good taste?” another said, “It’s a humble brag. Posting your receipt for a £30k meal whilst simultaneously expressing outrage at the cost.”

Last month, users who visited the new steakhouse after it opened had shared expensive bills of the restaurant on Twitter which later created a sensation on social media. A user named @Omnimojo on Twitter shared the bill of the restaurant. Sharing the photo, he said, “It’s cheaper to fly and have food at Salt Bae’s Turkish restaurant than to go to the London one. £9 for coke. £630 for Tomahawk steak. No thank you”.

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